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Powerwinch RC30 Trailer Winch Wireless Remote Operated, P55950
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Powerwinch RC30 Trailer Winch Wireless Remote Operated, P55950


Wireless Remote Control Winches

Enjoy the luxury of effortless trailer loading with our new RC 30 and RC 23 wireless remote control trailer winches!

We've made loading your boat onto the trailer easier than ever! The RC 30 and RC 23 are remote operated. Say goodbye to sore muscles from cranking and pulling your boat onto the trailer. With Powerwinchs new RC 30 and RC 23, stand back and simply push the wireless REMOTE and watch the boat glide on to the trailer! Yes! Get the latest in technology and strength with the Powerwinch RC 30 and RC 23 state-of-the-art trailer winches.

All Powerwinch 12V trailer winches have smooth-running, heat-treated gear systems for long-life wear and tear. They feature a corrosion-resistant zinc-plated frame, an aircraft quality cable, a level wind system to prevent cable snarls, and UV resistant ABS plastic housing.

The RC 30 & RC 23 feature a built-in light enclosed in the trailer winch casing so you can use your boat at night!
Both the RC 30 and RC 23 feature an emergency crank that stores conveniently in cover
Both the RC 30 and RC 23 include wiring harnesses necessary for the installation

Powerwinch is the most recognized name in Electric Trailer Winches! Renowned for long-term reliability, testing and the highest quality standards for excellence.

RC 30


Max. boat length: 30'

Max. boat weight: 11,500 lbs

Wireless remote operated

Added convenience of a light enclosed in the trailer winch casing to assist you

Vertical lift capacity (single line) 4000 lbs, or double pull/line capacity 7500 lbs (Not to be considered or used as a hoist)

Emergency crank conveniently stores in the casing

Remote power-in/freewheel-out operation

Re-designed, stronger housing

Pulley block provides for double line applications

60 amp standard wiring harness

One year limited warranty

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